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JIS Certification

Competency of personnel

Competency of personnel

JICQA maintains and improves reliability and credibility of quality in JIS certification activities and the JIS Mark Scheme, by assigning appropriate personnel on JIS certification duties, and providing education and necessary training programs.

1. Qualification and scope of duties for JIS certification personnel

(1) Qualification requirements

  • Having good knowledge on the JIS certification scheme and the JIS certification guidance
  • Qualified as an auditor of JIS Q 9001 (quality management system- requirements) certification/registration
  • Attended at an appropriate training program for JIS Q 17025 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories) or, providing proof of possession of equivalent level of knowledge
  • Recognized to be with expertise in the relevant specialized product technology concerning manufacture and processing thereof
  • Personal characteristics specified in Annex D of JIS Q 17021 (ISO/IEC 17021)
  • Experience of specified training-audit in JIS certification

Personnel who meet above qualification requirements are assigned as JIS certification auditors.

(2) Scope of certification duties

  • JIS certification auditor conducts audit of quality control system, JIS product testing, evaluation of conformity with the relevant standard, and if applicable, confirms if the necessary product testing facility and the personnel meet requirements of JIS Q 17025 , and prepares a report on Conformity Assessment.

2. Ensuring impartiality and reliability in JIS certification process

JIS certification auditors submit a contract to the President of JICQA, in which they pledge not to be influenced by any business or other interests with stakeholders including the Applicant and the Licensee, or by any past, current, and future relationships, and in addition, to maintain confidentiality of information obtained through JIS certification and the work associated with it.
JICQA issues identification cards to JIS certification auditors, and requires them to carry the identification.

3. Assigning JIS certification auditors

Upon a JIS certification application, JICQA assigns an auditor and others with expertise in the field relevant to the related product. Assigning an auditor with no conflict of interests with the Applicant and the Licensee ensures impartial and fair certification.

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