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About us

JICQA Quality Policy

The customers of JICQA are the applicants which we are providing our activities, as well as the certified/ verified organizations, and also the third-party, i.e., society in general including users, consumers and other interested parties. The product of JICQA is the services themselves provided to its customers with exact responsiveness to their needs.
JICQA shall set forth the Quality Policy, under the above recognition, as follows:

  1. To conduct its activities under impartial, fair and stringent management by eliminating all and every conflict of interest, and by ensuring transparency, consistency and objectivity;
  2. To contribute to the enhancement of the management competence and the quality of the applicants and certified/ verified organizations;
  3. To issue certificates that ensure social confidence;
  4. To maintain and enhance the competence of its every personnel and the overall competence as a body
  5. To develop more effective and efficient evaluation/ certification systems to respond to the needs of customers and the society; and
  6. To adopt a prudential policy to ensure information security in conducting all the activities.

I declare, in order to achieve the above-mentioned Quality Policy, the followings:

We establish business policy every fiscal year, develop this in each section and make them achieve a quality policy.

April 1, 2018
JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Hirofumi Kawasaki

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