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About us

Greetings from the President

JICQA does a lot for you through audits to serve your management

It has passed more than 20 years since the third party certification system of ISO management systems was introduced in Japan. Status of being certified and activities of maintaining and improving the management system have now highly esteemed as a form of reliability.

JIC Quality Assurance Ltd. (JICQA) was established in October 1992 as the first privately-owned certification body in Japan and, since then, has developed sincere certification services covering almost all industrial fields from the manufacturing industry such as steelmaking and metal processing to construction, food, and the service sectors as transportation, public administration, medical and healthcare, all the way from large-scale organizations to small-sized firms providing a wide range of applicable standards focusing around the management systems of quality and environment.

While the number of certifications of ISO management systems goes on steadily increasing worldwide, the situation in our country is different having continued to stall. There are various factors conceivable for this. In these circumstances, in order to utilize widely and effectively the management system standards prepared with a great amount of global expertise called upon, JICQA will provide the audits to serve the establishment and improvement of the certified individual organizations’ management systems and give help to enhance the social reliability.

From the industrial sector-wise point of view, the certification activity based on the relevant management system standards has been dynamically developed in the new sectors, e.g. aerospace, automobile, food safety, and information security. JICQA is engaged as well in new areas, standards and methodologies of JIS product certification, Green House Gas emission verification, Energy management systems certification and customized audits to respond to client’s respective needs by using the business model acquired through the third party certification system as a core. We are convinced of our competency to respond to your diversifying requests and expectations.

We are looking forward to serving you.

Hirofumi Kawasaki
JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.

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