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ISO certification · JIS Certification · GHG emissions verification


JIS Certification

Procedures in case of alteration, addition, reduction, etc. in the JIS certification range or contents.

If any alteration, addition, reduction, etc. occur in the JIS certification range or contents, the Licensee will be required to submit a “Notification Form for Changes Concerning Contents of JIS Certification.” (Please refer to the “note” below for sample cases that require a notification”)  If you require this form, or have any questions regarding procedures to make them in the certification, please use the form provided below to contact us. Our staff will respond to your inquiry.

Name of your company/organization[required field]
Certification Number[required field]
Name[required field]
Address[required field]
Phone number
Fax number
e-mail[required field]
Web Site URL
Please mark the appropriate box.[required field] Request to JICQA for sending a "Notification Form for Changes Concerning Contents of JIS Certification" (Form-PA25a).
Question regarding procedures to make changes to my certification, or others (please provide details below)
The following examples are sample cases for which we request the Licensee to submit a “Notification Form for Changes Concerning Contents of JIS Certification.” The examples may not cover all the possible cases that require notification, if there are any significant changes made in the details and conditions presented at the certification audit, please contact us using this form first.
  1. Change(s) in name or designation of the Licensee (corporation name change)
  2. Change(s) in forms of corporation (change in corporation, private company form)
  3. Change(s) in registered company representative
  4. Change(s) in name of the Licensee, a “factory or business establishment”.
  5. Change(s) in address of the Licensee, a “factory or business establishment”.
  6. Change(s) due to business succession, termination, or moving of the Licensee, a “factory or business establishment”.
  7. In cases where part of main facility or its entirety is being moved.
  8. Additions, changes, or reductions of factory or business establishment
  9. Additions, changes, or reductions of type or grade
  10. Additions or changes of the industrial and mineral products.
  11. Change in the Quality Management Manager
  12. Change(s) in contact person (when submitted so far)
  13. Change(s) in manufacturing (processing) process at the factory or business establishment, or changes in testing/inspection procedures (including methods).
  14. Change(s) in main manufacturing (processing) facility at the factory or business establishment , or changes in testing/inspection facilities.
  15. Change(s) in subcontractor(s) or subcontracted procedures
  16. Change(s) in testing/inspection items (including changes in applicable conditions or cases)
  17. In cases where activities for part of certified type or grade or in its entirety relevant to the certification will be suspended for an extended time (including when resuming).
  18. Change(s) related to marking of JIS mark, marking method, etc.
  19. Change in applicable audit criteria of quality control system (A or B)
  20. Declining a certification
  21. Requesting an additional certificate issuance

With regard to the handling of private information, it will comply with the “JIC Quality Assurance Ltd. Policy on the Protection of Personal Information” if not specifically stated below.

  1. Information entered will be used to provide requested response from the JIC Quality Assurance Ltd. and to better our online services.
  2. A return e-mail will be sent personally to the clients who requested it. Please refrain from using the contents of our response, partially or entirely, for any other purposes.
  3. Depending on the detail of your inquiry, it may require some time to produce an appropriate response. If JICQA determines that the contents of inquiry make it inappropriate to respond to, we will not be able to reply to your inquiry. Thank you for your understanding.
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