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ISO certification · JIS Certification · GHG emissions verification


JIS Certification

Inquiries on JIS certification

If you have any questions regarding JICQA and our certification services, please contact us by using the form below. Our staff will respond to your inquiry.

Name of your company/organization[required field]
Name[required field]
e-mail[required field]
Phone number
Details of your inquiry[required field]

With regard to the handling of private information, it will comply with the “JIC Quality Assurance Ltd. Policy on the Protection of Personal Information” if not specifically stated below.

  1. Information entered will be used to provide requested response from the JIC Quality Assurance Ltd. and to better our online services.
  2. A return e-mail will be sent personally to the clients who requested it. Please refrain from using the contents of our response, partially or entirely, for any other purposes.
  3. Depending on the detail of your inquiry, it may require some time to produce an appropriate response. If JICQA determines that the contents of inquiry make it inappropriate to respond to, we will not be able to reply to your inquiry. Thank you for your understanding.
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